Notice to my brothers. When it comes to women, especially here in Atlanta… There’s always going to be somebody prettier. There’s always going to be somebody sexier. There’s always going to be somebody more loose, promiscuous, and down for whatever. Yes… there’s always plenty of fish in the sea, (the ratio of men to women is obscene, in a good way if your single) but there are only a few catches. I mean a true catch. There aren’t that many women they were designed specifically by the higher Spirit for you. I mean only for you. So, never confuse the willing, the available, nor the easy, with the real, the qualified, the loyal and devoted Blessing called your QUEEN! #relationships101 #love #life #men #women

@kissielee1 will be performing this Wednesday in New York City or somewhere near there come thruuuuu! @youknowigotsoul @singersroom @thisisrnb #Kissie #Live #music #NYC 👄

When you find yourself considering giving up, remember that greatness comes only after great sacrifice.

How you going keep it 100 and you aint even one with yourself! #selfrespect #KingsandQueens

Whos with me?

UP like its 2:43 in the afternoon.

Happy bday Pops. Love this family with all that I am

My niece didnt cone to play.

#Me and my nephew RJ transforming on them! #Happy #Family

Yira, Bren, RJ and uncle Cel Cel here to save the world

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